Felt like I couldn't breathe.
I'm awake. I don't wanna be.

Someone put me to sleep. I've been on Den of Angels like... forever nonstop for the past like... DAYS. Someone seriously put chokehold on Joshie and make him = sleepytime.

OMG sock dresses are like the most contro thing right now on the forums and I'm all "wut? lawl" but it's cool. Apparently I have made friends through my posts... and that's kinda cool. I donno. I believe in everyone like... being able to do what they want with their dolls and not have to worry about people judging them and whatnot.

But lololol that's 4serious stupid drama and right now? Me NO NEED drama. Joshie need sleepy. Though I do like that I got like 10 private messages commending me on .... being myself? Cool. I'm awesome. I think I'm basing my happy on people accepting that I'm a level headed young individual. It happens.

I think I'm crazy.
Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh.... I got this crazy feeling deep inside. I'm NOT A MIND READER BUT YOU CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ME AGAIN.

Lovey lovey. Everyone. Nighty night.
Seriously. Can't sleep.... someone make me go bedtime kk? Thnx.

Random Road Trip....?
OMG I feel like I just slept through the best part of a movie... only, not at all.

I just got back from Dunkin Donuts in Williamsburg... yes, at 2am. My bestie Justin was all like "hey, let's get Chris, Casey and Michael... and drive an hour for donuts!"

And that's what we did.
I have no faith in any of us anymore.

It makes no sense to do that. But it's ok.... I had glazed... and apple... and sugar. AND NOW I CAN'T SLEEP BUT IM SUPER TIRED.

Anybody ever do that? Probably not. I'm not caring at this moment.

P.S. I dipped Chris's phone in ketchup and pretended it were a hashbrown. He tee-hee'd. I lol-ed. The end.

Ok.... so the concert last night was pretty awesommmmeee...

Carter Hulsey was cool. I like his voice - but I didn't buy his cd. Shame on me. I think he's very activist for PETA too. Hmmm those last two thoughts weren't super related but hey it's wutev.

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business..... I heard their entire set and I don't think I understood a word they said, nor did I ever figure out exactly what type of music they are. Ambient pop? I don't know. I didn't get it. They only played a half hour so I got over it.

The Maine. I hate them. That's all I'm going to say about them. Moving on. (douchebags)

Nevershoutnever/ Christofer Drew & The Shout. Phenomenal. He sounds in real life the exact same as he does on his cd. I knew this already cause I've seen him before (and hung out with him before... super nice guy, I has pictures!) I enjoyed everything and wrote down the setlist. For no reason, I'm going to post the setlist now.

Love is Our Weapon
I Just Laugh
Piggy Bank
Look on the Bright Side
Sweet Perfection
Jane Doe
Can't Stand It
This Shit Getz Old
I Love You 5
Big City Dreams
The Past

Don't those songs just sound nice? Anyway, if you're into weird music, give him a listen. He is kinda pop, but he uses harmonica, ukelele, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, and keyboard. On his cd's every bit of music is done by him - all songs written by him. So yes. Christofer Drew. Love him like I do. <3


Nekocon 2010
Guess what I like?
I mean... besides buttons and candy.
No, besides shiny things... (is that a nickel? GIMME!)

Right. I like people at conventions that are nice to me.

Annie, Dizzy, Demi, Fauxfaia and Amubleu are the nicest people in the history of the world. At least to me they are.

Walking around the con this year was pretty fun. I had my good friends Trey and Brit with me (cause my b/f had to stay at home due to stupid reasons, but it's wutev...) and we spent a good majority of time in the artist's alley (because the greatest people ever are always in it)..... so, in random order without any real... well, order.... Here are my top moments.

1) OMG PAINT PIXEL DOES IT AGAIN. I love (and that's with a capital <3) my picture of Justyn. I've already framed it and put it with my other three commissions on my wall of things that make me happy. Once I have my complete set I may cry myself to sleep or get new dolls for her to draw.

2) Dizzy makes me grin and convinces me to go to Otakon. I'm petrified of this con but knowing that alot of my favorite doll people (and people in general) will be there makes it a little bit better. I got lots of clothing from Dizzy (because that's like... all my boys wear....) IT ALL FITS WELL. Very well. The underwear is stupid cute. Huntyre got restrung!!!! He stands!!! I cannot believe it. ^_^ I'm so happy and feel (blessed?) to have Dizzy around because she doesn't freak out when I do... and she's extremely tolerant of my hyper bubbly squealy freakish omg-youre-my-favorite ramblings. Plus the tea party.... (well I'll get to that later down the list)

3) OMG IM HORRIBLE AT SPELLING NAMES AND IN THIS CASE I CANT SPELL HIS MOLD EITHER BUT HE'S A VOLKS AND HE'S STOLEN MY HAERT (I MISPELLED AND AM LEAVING IT) FOREVER. Amubleu, you nice, nice, nice person..... you make me grin like this ^_____________^ (only not so much in a straight line 'cause my face doesn't work that way normally.... you understand...) Your stories are creative and all of your dolls are ridiculously adorable and nom-nomable. (That's how the noise I kept making looks in text... wow.) I seriously could have spen the entire day sitting at your table talking about dolls and stuff. You are wonderful. so much wonderful.

4) Rave kinda sucked. The end. Cute boys dancing - I missed boyfriend. Left. BUT, I did get a bunch of hugs, candy bracelets and I think a boy kissed my cheek. It may have been a girl. Either way, adorable and I love candy kids FOR THAT REASON. What gender are ANY OF US REALLY? P.S. Boy who's tail I pulled. You were cute. I wanted to kiss you. Couldn't, but I wanted to. -sigh- One more thing.... I like when raver vendor man gives me constant discounts. What a friendly guy! (Then again... how often do I frikkin buy from that stand? OH YEA ONCE IN EVERY ONCE IM THERE.)

5) Tea Party was AWESOME. I felt as if I were a part of something exclusive and it was nice. The sandwiches were yummy though I'm still not quite sure what I ever ate. I nibbled and was like HEY NEAT I LIKE. Carrots were normal. I didn't expect them to be anything other than carrots and they weren't. Joshie = Satisfied. I GAVE OUT SILLY BANDS. I hope everyone i gave one to kept them. They are special gifts, kinda. Almost like branding. I can maybe remember other doll people this way.

6) Trey and I got 2cd in Mario Kart Double Dash. Aww, sad face. Well, happy face really. Rainbow Road in the Semi's and the Final (BUT IN MIRROR) and we still crossed the line .... WITH the people that beat us. I'm happy enough. I got neat keychain out of it so HOORAY.
(But no Naruto.... that's the one we WIN. 4x in a row at cons. -sigh-)

7) There is no number seven so deal with it.

I took no pictures at this con except one of that cute Volks doll on my phone. I had a camera with me too I think. I'll post pictures of stuff randomly on here at some point though.... EVERYONE BE HAPPY.

<3 RAWR!


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