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You don't believe in God...
.... I don't believe in luck.

Wow. It's been soooo long since I've even used my "el-jay".... like a week or so.

Sorry about that. I've been intending to post, honestly, I've just been wrapped up in holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not that I like to eat that much or shop that much buuuuuutttt ...... once in a while I do like to have a good time doing BOTH of those things. This week was once in a while.

I want my doll to come in the mail. My mom is like "CALM DOWN SHE'LL BE HERE EVENTUALLY" though she's not being mean. She's just used to this behavior and I imagine her putting up with my waiting would be similar to putting up with sticking a hand in a garbage disposal while standing in a body of water holding a fork an inch from an electrical socket. Well.... maybe not that bad.

So.... I took the first step. Baby step. I pulled my fabric out and unwound a teeny bit of it. LIKE MAYBE A FOOT. Then I freaked out and stuffed it under my bed. It wasn't a baby step from a functional baby but it was still a step..... oh well. I'm warming up to the idea of failure a bit anyway. I'll see where my recent fabric phobia will take me. Hopefully somewhere overcast with boys on skateboards.

No. That'll never happen. Skateboarders need sunlight. Not cloudlight.

Well, goodbye! Love you guys!


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