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Killjoys, make some noise.

1) Saw Smile Empty Soul in concert. There were like 24 or 25 people there which REALLY UPSET ME BECAUSE THIS BAND GOT NATIONAL RADIO PLAY FOR YEARS. I was one of like two ACTUAL fans there. I was front center (which wasn't hard because I mean, how many people would I have had to fight? NONE.) Sean (the lead singer) took requests from me and the other boy ALL NIGHT. He was like 'it's all about YOU tonight.' to us. It was really nice. That boy and I alternated picking their ENTIRE setlist.

After the concert he came out and said hello to the two of us and took pictures with us and signed cd's and things. He also told us that if 'it weren't for the two of you singing your hearts out and appreciating the music' that 'we would have had a miserable night' but 'you made our Sunday.' 

It was great to hear all of those nice things but I felt bad because I can't imagine playing to an empty room when you're a decently popular band. They were sweethearts though. Look them up on Youtube, give them a listen. You may remember their first single 'Bottom of a Bottle' from 2003. If you don't, trust me, you've probably heard it. Anyway.

2) The new MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE CD CAME OUT TODAY OMFG AFTER FOUR YEARS MY FAVORITE BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD FINALLY HAS A NEW CD. Ok fanboy rant is DONE FOR NOW. When I grow up i want to be as attractive as ANY MEMBER OF THAT BAND. Seriously. It's a fun cd. Especially 'Planetary (GO!)' and 'Destroya'

Ok other than that. I'm waiting on my Dollmore Flocke to show up. She won't be here for like a billion more years but I'm like 'awww my first girl doll ever' ITS SO CONFUSING I SWEAR TO GOD. What do I even do with a girl doll? I won't want to put different clothes on her AT ALL. God, girls scare me so badly. (except the girls on my friend's list. I'm not terrified by you guys....)

ALSO I WANT TO WRITE BUT JESUS ITS HARD. Who wants to hear a few excerpts? These are all by Huntyre, my narrator (you can see him in my profile avatar ^__^ THAT'S HUNTYRE.)

"He got a bit closer to me and I turned my head towards the closet door. I couldn't look at him if he was that close to me. I'd probably drool or something stupid like that."

"And of course, I hoped he would leave it at that and we'd go watch a movie or something because I was new to this 'conversation' thing. I hadn't really thought to rehearse lines in the mirror before I confessed my feelings for him."

"I've never seen time move more slowly. I waited, waited, waited - watching the second hand. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. TOCK. TICK. Repeatedly. If I hadn't already decided that I was insane, I'm sure the fervent passion of the clock's hatred toward me would have driven me that way. I decided it was personal and had I been an adult, the clock would have been much, much, MUCH nicer towards me."

"I knew I wasn't great at hiding myself, but I didn't know I had been THAT obvious. He laughed again and I felt the raging urge in my stomach to throw up on the floor."

"It was the small talk that interested me most. I enjoyed watching him form his words. He occasionally had to brush his long hair out of his face before he could finish speaking. I tended to giggle when that happened."

"In all my fourteen years I had learned that it was probably best to admire from afar anyway. The reason? Unless someone asked directly you could always pretend you were looking at something else if your eyes were intercepted."

OK SO THERE ARE SOME LINES FROM MY BOOK. They probably all sound really stupid. Whatever. Gimme feedback if you'd like. You DONT HAVE TO BUT IT'D BE NICE. I know I'm not giving much to work with I know.


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