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It was magic at first....
....when they spoke without sound.

I am so mad. I've never slept so long IN MY LIFE. I was writing last night and trying to study and everything else and I didn't fall asleep until like 4am. I ONLY GOT LIKE THREE MORE PAGES TO MY STORY DONE.

That's ok. Today is a new day. I'm going to help my mom clean up a room or something then I'm gonna hang out with my friends. I wanted to have a day to do doll-stuff but eh, apparently that ISN'TEVERGOINGTOHAPPEN. (Oh yes it's my own fault for sure. I could just cancel the plans that were made for me but wutev, that's so not me.)

I appreicate all of the helpful advice you guys have given me regarding sewing. Amubleu and Jakob_Grimm... you guys are AWESOME. AND I HOPE I SPELLED YOUR NAMES RIGHT BECAUSE OTHERWISE WHAT A TOOL I AM. So yeah, I'm going to Dollar Tree first. I never poke my head in there because it's very scary to me, but eh, I do what I have to do and I'm trying to find something for someone. If I can't find it there I'm going to turn to Party City or shopping online.

I really don't want to ride to Party City today. It's too far away. I can probably walk to Dollar Tree..... will that happen though? Probably.

Well this has to be a short entry because I have things to do for the first time ever.



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