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If I was bored you know that I would.....
..... and if I was yours - but I'm not.

Those are just lyrics, no one WORRY. I'm GOOD, I'M FINE. Anyway... I was sitting around today and started having a great conversation about my plans and my future and all of these things I'm probably too young to think about and it hit me - I'm going TO LEARN HOW TO SEW.

I think I want to.
And that's why I chose the song I chose to listen to while I type up this entry. 'READY TO START' by the Arcade Fire. I normally CANNOT STAND THIS BAND, but this song is just PERFECT. I mean, it has nothing to do with learning how to sew or really with any emotion that I'm on the same level with but yeah. It just makes me smile. In a dark way.

I just don't know where to begin. I tried looking on DoA for like... pattern making advice and stuff but it's hard. I've NEVER picked up a needle and thread before except this one time I tried to make a pillow and even THAT failed ten shades of awful..... BUT... well, no... it failed. I was going to think of a positive but there isn't one. The pillow sucked big.

I look at the clothes people like poisonbleu and the Dizziness make and I'm just astounded at their level of intelligence and creativity and I feel as if I have NO outlet. Sure, I write a story but I can't like.... dress my doll in that. I don't know.... -pout- THIS CUTE FACE SHOULDN'T BE POUTING SO WHY AM I?

Any advice? anyone? -sigh-


"The business men drink my blood like the kids in art school said they would...."

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Why, Hello there!!! (I'm being a bad friend and just getting around to checking out my lj friends page;_;)

I honestly don't know what advice to give but to jump in with both feet and just go for it. I started as a kid making pillows for my dolls (lol) and years later, like the mid '90's (I'm old) I took some fashion design courses in school(I remembered so little *cries*). I really didn't get into it sewing until I started collecting bjds several years later. I really don't think I would be sewing now if it wasn't for my guys.

I would say search the web for sewing basics. Doa can be a bit intimidating. You really have to dig around to find what you're looking for and a lot of the tutorials are more for people who already know how to use a needle and thread (or basic sewing skills) despite them not saying so. If you do a google search for "sewing for beginners" you'll find a ton of links and some youtube videos (I found one on hand sewing where a guy even shows how to thread a needle, it sounds funny (lol) but really it's just an example of how "beginner" they go back))You might have to over look some of granny looking web sites but hey, sewing is sewing no matter how it looks. It's all the same techniques, it's the items you're making that is unique. You'll be amazed what a piece of fabric and a simple straight stitch with a needle and thread can create. I know it's a long ways off but if you go to Katsu or Otakon (you need to go btw!!!) I can give you some pointers and maybe get you started on a project.

You have fantastic style so I know you would make some awesome clothes for your beautiful boys. If you get into it there really are no limitations. Just be patient, don't stab things with your needles and don't give up.

Ah!! Sorry for the long response. Just contact me if you need any sewing advice.

Seriously you are the greatest person EVER. I can't believe you thought enough of me to actually write out such a long response but I SUPER REALLY APPRECIATE IT. You are the best!!!!!!!!! (<~~~ needs more exclamation?)

I actually went to Walmart looking for something for you tonight but I couldn't find it. (This was before you replied even! I just think you're super nice) Once I find it, I'll find out how to get it to you.... OH BUT I DID FIND 10 YDS OF RED/CRIMSON FABRIC FOR $2. I thought that was a cool deal so I bought it..... No ideas on what to do next....

But yeah, I'll hopefully talk to you soooooon. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT ADVICE.

You are seriously too kind and too modest, you know that?! I'm just bummed that I haven't been on line much to post or even check out my friend's journals due to a craft show I'm preparing for(Don't wanna do it. I wanna make doll clothes instead *cries*!!)

The red fabric sounds like amazing deal and so lovely<3 Please let me know what you do make with it.

Again, if you have any questions let me know. Right now there is a great thread on DOA on making a doll sloper. A sloper is one of the very easy way of making your own and understanding patterns. Once you make a set for your boys you can make just about anything by simply modifying that sloper. I totally recommend checking it out. When I took pattern making years ago I made a set for myself. I made myself a ton of clothes back then. Here is a addi:!

If slopers aren't your thing you may want to look up some drapery techniques. Again, just another way of making clothes and patterns.

Feel free to email me. I got the one you sent me last week but I'm going to respond to that from another more frequently used email address.

Mockups. Muslin is cheap. Don't ruin or waste your good fabric.

I'm not working on my tunic tonight either, because of uh, other stuff going on. Seriously, my week has more stupid and chaos than you can shake a stick at. =[

If it helps any, I'm also a starting-at-learning-how-to-thread-the-needle basics, but I guess I got lucky since I'm using this tutorial. I'm a history nerd so all of my dolls are historical. :p The geometric thing is perfect for me anyway; I'm obsessive over symmetry and guess what, 11-13th century clothing is geometric and symmetrical!

Keep at it though; if I have to, so do you. =P

more good suggestions!! Thank you! And that's kinda cool, really, that your dolls are historical. The only theme my dolls have is "high school." I seriously feel like the most unimaginative person with dolls EVER. But coolies. I have more tutorials to look through now.

thankssss, and yes, if you don't give up, neither shall I!!!

I dunno, you'll have to compete with people I've met over the last 2-3 years. You never realize how ignorant and unimaginative the mass population is until you get into interactive theatre. =P

Have you seen this thread on DoA? I was actually looking for the sock hoodie tutorial (ironic, I know) because I was pretty sure you could easily make one. It would fit with your "modern" theme at the very least.

The mock-tunic I've been working on is actually coming out really well, enough that I may keep it as a nightshift or chemise or even turn it backwards to be the undershirt. We will see, because I may not finish it this week at all (busy weekend, etc). It's actually the reason I'm holding out on pictures; I plan on taking pictures of it on my doll once it's sewn together. =P

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