Katsucon post!!!
So this year marks the return of myself to Katsucon.... it's been six years! The last one I went to I got really whatever and got into a bunch of crying fits and raver fist fights and I got demoralized inside the rave AND in the hotel room by people who I don't really remember their names...... (that's not a sexual thing btw)

This was also Huntyre and Leilands (my Chiwoo and Ducan (eventually I won't have to explain this) ) first Katsucon. Huntyre got some good attention (and a new shirt from Amubleu!!!!!) but Leilerzzz stayed in the room the entire time on the balcony watching as all the cosplayers and whatever else went by. We all watched the fountain show each night. Huntyre was more amazed by it than I was and I don't think Leiland was all that impressed - but he's hard to impress anyway so I digress....

I liked the hotel. It was pretty nice... and I've stayed in REALLY nice hotels but the size of this one was phenomenal. I shouldn't have spent so much money on it though but it's cool. My friends all had a good time so I suppose in the end it was worth it...... I'm rambling, and I'm sorry.

Sooooooo if anyone knows me (and some of you kinda do) you know I love to be flamboyant and EXTREMELY colorful in my manner, my talk, and my outfit. It's just kinda who I am. I got alot of really positive things said about me this con.... and one guy who goes "the great wall of China and your outfit are the only two things visible from outer space - I think you need a dimmer switch." I replied with "oh, I've been looking for one of those but no luck so far!" I think I defeated him because he wanted some sort of nasty response back and I didn't give him that satis-fact-shuuunn. He's a steampunky anyway so eww gross. They mostly smell of bad leather and cheap ambitions so I guess he needs to take out his bearded wrinkled frustration somewhere..... not ON THIS KID THANK YOU! (If any of you guys are into steampunk, I apologize - but on the level - they have been some of the MEANEST people to me in my entire con existence. I guess seeing the world in technicolor isn't a trait they have..... ugh.

I met alot of new friends this con! Some of which found me on facebook though I NEVER GAVE THEM MY NAME AND IM VERY CONFUSED AND SLIGHTLY HORRIFIED. Oh well, maybe they just found other people from the con and did a backwards search, who knows? I guess I'm important that way? (no, probably not...) My favorite new vendor was this girl named Brooklyn who sold window decals.. I bought six of them and put them all on my car and my PS3. They are phenomenal and I think I'm going to custom order some. She was really nice and wanted my picture and facebook info so I gave it to her. She was great, like 4 srs. Also, I met ANOTHER Kristi but this one had a doll and she was extremely nice to me though I didn't know what to say to her...... So I was kinda shy. But if you're reading this (and I think you added me as a friend) you're pretty awesome. I'm just slightly nervous around new people......

(Also, there will be a separate post about DJ Jimni Cricket and the rave)

AND OF COURSE! The old friends that I always love seeing: Dizzy! Amubleu! Demi & Rikudo! RyRy! Richard! Greg Ayres!
Though Dizzy was only there for a day...... I still bought a Pikachu bag from her that I used to carry around all my little raver toys and goodies that I had purchased earlier in the day.... it was cool.
Demi hugged me once and that was pretty much it. Rikudo stared at me for like half a second but didn't say anything. I don't know if they had a good con but I'm really really hoping they did.
RyRy walked by and hugged me really fast. He gave me one of my first candy bracelets way back in the day and I still wear it at every rave. It meant alot to me because of how pretty he is and he still payed attention to me. (Though apparently pretty people pay alot of attention to me, my friends tell me?)
Richard is the ultimate candy raver.... and I think he's awesome. We talked (screamed?) at each other for a few minutes in the rave about our various rave accessories and we exchanged greetings in one of the corridors one day.
GREG AYRES IS THE GREATEST MAN EVER TO EXIST. THE END. I talk to him every con and we've become pretty good friends. He helped me through a bunch of hard times when I was younger even though he could have left the relation at "con fan / autograph." He found me and made sure I was alright NUMEROUS times and for that I'll forever be grateful. He probably can't fathom exactly how much.

And............. -drumroll-
(The only other person with consecutive CCF is Greg Ayres - Katsucon 05 / AMA 05)

Huntyre loves his new shirt. And his little teddy bear. He thoroughly enjoyed reading OVER AND OVER Seiji's note. He and I both have a great time standing in front of your table with all of your boys. (Don't tell Aki this but I think I caught Huntyre giving Hito a once over on a few occassions - don't tell Leiland either! ITS INNOCENT I SWEAR LOL) Whenever my friends had things to do by default I returned to your table to see if you were there. (If you weren't I ate your caramels and patted Seiji on the head....) I think you're one of the NICEST people I've ever met and you don't tell me that my doll stories are dumb...... and you LISTEN. And it's nice. I appreciate it. So thanks! I don't have a plaque or anything so I guess it's a mental award? Two time Coolest Con Friend. CONSECUTIVE.

Anyway, I'm tired and probably everyone has stopped reading at this point...... if you haven't congratulate yourself and go eat some pizza or something that you enjoy. CAUSE IT'S NICE THAT WAY.

Also, send me hate mail. Or love mail. Or indifferent mail. (or an indifferent male.... J/K MY GILLIAM WOULD BE VERY PISSED IF HE HEARD ME SAY THAT.....)

k well goodnight. 


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