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Stuffems to dooo and/or enjoy.
Today was boring. Duhhhhh.

Dexter is YUMMY this season.... and I like it. I'm getting nervous like I always doooo near the end of the season.

I'm going to nap a bit then I'm going with the bestie <3 to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World in theaters AGAIN. This is the 5th time and I'm like OMG YAY I LOVE YOU YOUNG NEIL AND STEPHEN STILLS. They are my favvieeessssss foreveer. Anyone else seen it? It's A GOOD MOVIE I SWEAR TO YOU LOLOL.

I have pictures of dolls for later but I gotta remember how to upload with my camera. Maybe then someone will be like 'oh hey DOLLS' if I do. Does anyone even like me anymore? -sigh- it's all good. I'm sure I'm super loved.

p.s. Leiland looks great in yellow underwear. That's one of the pictures I'll show later! Stay tuned!

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If you need help with uploading pics, I can offer help if you need it. Some, at least. :p

Locke has been siting around wearing nothing but his hair. I'm trying to make a t-tunic for him and undressing the boy is a pain in the butt with all that hair.

I figured it out for the most part I think. I just gotta take better pictures.... O__o Hahaha and when are we going to see some pictures of your guys?

Hahaha I went first so you can make fun of my dolls if you'd like.

What point would it serve to make fun of your dolls? =P I can't be arsed.

I will post some eventually, probably after I finish the mock-up tunic. I didn't work on it last night because I had a massive headache. Plus I'm lame, I only have two dolls. =P

Hey, as long as you love those two dolls - thats all that matters. ^_^ Can't WAIT to see your dolls too!!

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