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Since when?
Today I spent a good amount of time with my bestie. <3 He's SUCH a nice boy.

Though all we really did was watch football (eh? I know RIGHT WTF?) I think it's my one guyish thing that I enjoy.... BUT I like the Dolphins and that's like the lamest girliest animal ever so I don't feel that bad about it.... DOLPHINS 4SRS ARE SO CUTE. Anywho.

We also ate nachos from Moes. They were good but I hate going into Moes because the manager there is like ubergay and he ALWAYS stares me up and down for like.... the ENTIRE time I'm in there. Normally I just cling to my bestie so he'll get the idea that seriously... NO. Never. He's like fifty and balding and... has missing teeth and he doesn't even APPEAR to be a gay man at all.... BUT I'm really good friends with the lesbian manager lady and she tells me that he is AND (GET THIS) that he "loves it when I come in so he has something to think about later." WTF.

Seriously - little boy squick face is being made by me. Little innocent boy squick face. Please old man, I'm too young for anything you have planned - at least, too young for YOU. God, gross. How do I politely tell him "STOP THINKING ABOUT ME AND STARING AT MY CROTCH." Then again, he never makes me pay for sour cream or my drink so I guess I should just accept it and keep going. I'll get far in life that way yeah?

Oh well, it's a hazard of being effing adorable. Not that I'm arrogant or anything. I'm just almost used to it by now.

Other than that I took a nap on the sofa and I woke up and was like "OMG ITS 8PM" and now I'm slightly annoyed by my day in general. -UGH- I think I'm going to dress Leiland (my Homme Ducan) in his yellow underwear and see how he looks. That will cheer me up some, yeah? I hope so.

I like everyone on my friends list. Bunches. Bai!!


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