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It's getting hard to keep pretending...

.... I'm worth your time.

I'm only updating this journal tonight because I feel SUPER accomplished. I sat down yawning at my computer desk and was like "I SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING FOR MY STORY AND MY CHARACTERS." At first I got up and decided to go to bed but then I kicked myself in the butt and was like "NO GO WRITE." and I did.

I actually knocked out 2.5 pages which doesn't sound like alot but for me when I'm dead tired.... well, I'm proud of myself.

If only I could start sewing AND writing I'd feel yippee skippee for days. I'm gonna ask my mommy when she gets a chance if she'll show me some basic sewing things tooooo. She made me this BEAUTIFUL PURPLE PILLOW AND BLANKET SET FOR MY DOLLS LAST YEAR FOR CHRISTMAS. I almost died. It was wonderful.

Anyway I am super tired but I wanted to stop by and say hello before I felt like a jerk. Today was the first day I didn't update since I started doing LJ again. I'm kinda disappointed in myself for that but oh well. It's not like I'm THAT loved anyway. ^__^

Talk to you guys later! Jakob, I hope your tunic is getting worked on!!! ^__^ I'm looking forward to seeing it!!


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Nope, I've been a lazy douche for the last couple nights, too. Well, not really; the last two nights I was feeling sick and having horrible headaches from my hair (explained below). I literally got nothing done except a whole lot of sleeping or sitting on my rump.

The headaches-due-to-hair: my hair grows in incredibly thick and the individual strands are thick. Somewhere along the way it's either given me a tender scalp or I have a tender scalp on top of it. Knowing this, I'd been determinedly growing it out over the summer because I finally wanted long hair. Problem was, I couldn't get it out my way. Today was my breaking point; after pulling it back into a loose ponytail for 20 minutes, I had nothing less than a screaming headache from the pain. That's when I broke and my fiance took me to get the extra length chopped off.

tl;dr: hair heavy, it hurt, CHOPCHOPCHOP.

Back to you: since my writing partner went to bed early tonight (we haven't made much progress either, don't worry about your own =P) and I don't feel like doing anything and there's nothing stopping me (I think), that may end up what I'm doing tonight.

OUCH! Sorry to hear about that O_o My hair is all swoopy and gets in my face alot but I've never had it hurt me. But no worries, I'm sure you look great with shorter hair ^__^ And it will be less painful so that's good.

I did make a little progress but not too much. Also, I didn't know you had a writing partner? What are you working on if you don't mind my asking? (I'm nosey so you can tell me to shut up and go away if you'd like)

It's less writing and more ... RP, to be honest. >__>;;; We've been friends for about 10 years, give or take, and after we both had a falling-out with a mutual friend, we picked up an old RP that we'd lost interest in years ago. Since then, we've been having a blast with world-building and the Celtic/Norse mythologies. We've got four gods in the game now and somehow haven't thrown the balance off yet. 8D

I can check with her to see if it's okay to send you logs of the past couple months. There's warnings, however: /m/m and f/f, polygamy, non-con... The time setting is medieval and we tend to play it realistically. ^^;;

Notably, some of my dolls are actually characters from this story/RP, such as Hanging Johnny (my pirate MSD) and Locke (my only other SD). I'm not sure if I'm going to start on the king or prince next.

That rp sounds AWESOME.

I had an ex that used to RP with me daily. It was so much fun after school to come home and RP for like.... 6 or 7 hours at a time. It was ALL we did. It's been a few years though. I miss it.

It was all text though. All over internet. It's hard to see someone when you live an hour away and you're too unadultlike in age to be able to FRIKKIN DRIVE.

I haven't been updating myself. You've been doing a hell of a lot more than me. I can not wait until the holidays are over and then I can work on personal projects and being more social (online and in real life).

It's awesome that you're writing. 2.5 pages may not sound like a lot to you but to me that's fantastic. Did you set a goal for yourself on how much you wanted to do daily? Totally keep at it. It's a talent I wish I had.

I don't really have a daily goal necessarily. I took my old story that had roughly 600 pages and tore it to pieces. I'm starting brand new and I'm only 8 pages in. I cut up my old story and saved a few quotations from my main character WHO YOU HAVE MET (HUNTYRE, IN CASE YOU'RE CURIOUS)

But other than that... it's becoming an unmitigated disaster.

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