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Leiland Gareth Tolo (Picture post)

ok SO THE QUALITY ISN'T GREAT. But I didn't promise quality, I just promised a doll..... You'll have to forgive how the pictures look cause (TIME FOR EXCUSES JOSHIE!) my camera battery was steadily dying AND it was like 3am when I was taking them. (AND I HAVE POOR LIGHTING IN MY ROOM.) I only have one lamp and it's all the way on the other side of my rather large room. I really should invest in better lighting.

Ok I had originally planned on leaving Leiland in the yellow underwear because I like it so much (I got it from Dizzy if anyone knows her.... she's ON DoA and she goes to lots of cons...) but then I happened to pull out some of my older doll clothing on accident and look at it for a few minutes and I had an idea to make an outfit. And no, the outfit ISN'T great. ACTUALLY IT SUCKS A LITTLE BIT BUT I LIKE IT SO SHUUUSSHHH UP YO FACE.

So there's a little block of doll pictures. He's a Homme Ducan from Dream of Doll and his name is Leiland Gareth Tolo.... I'll do more in depth character analysis when I'm ACTUALLY not doing a test run of this journal and pictures...

WELL BAI FOR NOW I LOVE YOU ALL. Feel free to leave comments as long as you don't intentionally make me cry. K THNX.

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I actually really like the first two. Very natural.

Thanks!!! Does the outfit totally suck though? It's not meant to be super awesome or anything but I kinda liked it hahaha.

Thank youuuuu!!! ^___^ I'll post more later I'm sure.

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